Past Presidents of the Colombo Club

Past Presidents of the Colombo Club:

Front row (left to right) Joseph Guerrero (2003-04), Lou Mascola (2005-06), Billy Castell (1998-99), Anthony Tedeschi (2011-12), John Penna (1960-61), Albert P. Giordano (1970-71), back row Richard Puppione (2009-10), James J. Penna (1990-91), Domenic Torchia (2013-14), John Mazibrook (2016), R. Douglas Emeldi (2007-08) . Not pictured: Edward Arri (2000 & 2015), David J. Nardi (2001-02), Ronald Scalise (1972-73)
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The Colombo Club is one of the largest social clubs in America founded by Italian pioneers for the purpose of providing a social center for themselves, their families, and their guests. The Colombo Club is a private club that was founded in Oakland California in 1920.

The purposes of the Club are entirely social in scope, dedicated to the moral and physical well being of its members, the promotion of the best interests of the community, and the highest ideals of American citizenship.

Membership Information

Membership in the Colombo Club is comprised of men of Italian and non-Italian heritage who meet membership qualifications. The total number of members is limited; and there is currently a waiting list.

The Colombo Club welcomes new members who are interested in contributing to the ongoing advancement of the Club. If interested in obtaining a membership application, please contact an existing member for sponsorship.

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