Birthday Dinners, August 2, 9, 23 - Father Daughter Nights
Menu: Salad, Ravioli, Italian Pork Roast, dessert, wine, coffee

Family Dinner, August 18, Colombo Club 98th Anniversary
Menu: Salad, Penne Pasta, Potato, New York Strip Steak, dessert, wine, coffee

Assembly Meeting & Dinner, August 21
Menu: Salad, Pasta, Salsiccia with Peppers, dessert, wine, coffee

Bocce at Martinez Marina, August 25

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Birthday Dinners, September 6, 13, 27
Menu: Salad, Pasta, Italian Pot Roast, dessert, wine, coffee

Family Dinner, September 29
Menu: Salad, Pasta, Hawaiian Ham, dessert, wine, coffee

Auxiliary Back to School Dinner, September 20
Menu: Salad, Ravioli, Roasted Chicken, dessert, wine, coffee


2 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
4 Italian Heritage Night at the Oakland A's 7:05 pm
9 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
18 Colombo Club 98th Anniversary Dinner 6 pm
21 Assembly Meeting & Dinner 7 pm
23 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
25 Bocce Day at the Martinez Marina 8:30 am
6 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
13 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
20 CCA Back to School Dinner 7:00 pm
27 Birthday Dinner 7:30 pm
29 Hawaiian Night 7:00 pm

Reservations 653-9716

Birthday Dinner ext. 301
2nd Thursday
Birthday Dinner

ext. 302

4th Thursday
Birthday Dinner

ext. 303

Family Dinner ext. 304
Special Events ext. 306
Prepaid Reservations, to cancel or verify ext. 307
To Cancel Your Call-in Reservations ext. 308
To make Reservations for Auxiliary Events, please contact the
Ladies Auxiliary directly
(510) 531-2429.
* Reservations can only be accepted from members of The Colombo Club.

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